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How have we performed? Read some testimonials straight from clients themselves.


"We commissioned Red Seed Media to develop and manage two relatively large marketing efforts in some of the most competitive retail markets.  I was impressed by how quickly and nimbly they met our needs, by their keen strategic insight and oversight, their meticulous and thoughtful execution and their extreme commitment to creating a ethical, professional, reliable and accountable partnership with our organization.  It was because of all of these things that Red Seed Media generated the targeted traffic, memberships and subscribers at the below target acquisition costs that they did, and also delivered one of the lowest cost per acquisitions among the marketing agencies commissioned by BeachMint.  I have worked with Red Seed Media several times and will continue to seek their services."
-David Oh



"Red Seed Media is a phenomenal marketing strategist. In the year that we've been working with them, we've seen new business sales increase by 262%, and overall sales increase by 46%. They have been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them highly. Red Seed Media has a unique ability to manage not only the technical elements of web marketing, but also conversion, strategy, copy, design elements, and all the other pieces of a campaign that must come together in order for it to be successful."

-Gerry Morton
President & CEO


"Red Seed Media has been invaluable in spearheading our company's online presence by managing and guiding all our web initiatives ranging from jump starting our social media marketing to more complex efforts such as website and Internet infrastructure. Their approach to internet and web marketing is very practical in producing meaningful results while providing long term value and structure for our company to scale our business."

-Nobu Yamamoto
SVP, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc.


"I've known and worked with Red Seed Media for over 7 years and continue to turn to them for our large-scale marketing needs. They have provided strategic insight, direction and guidance to our team and has consistently helped apply smart thinking, best practices and efficient execution across our marketing efforts. In one instance, Red Seed Media was able to quickly structure and execute a large, complex and complicated Search marketing campaign for us in the most optimal manner. As a result of their efforts, Red Seed Media has been able to generate massive exposure and drive large volumes of targeted traffic consistently and at the lowest cost for us, and has helped us grow from start-up to a sophisticated enterprise-level organization.  Moreover, they are dedicated, trustworthy, reliable and ethical partners, and we wholeheartedly recommend them for any business or effort, both large and small."

-Brian Clarke
CFO, eVoter.com (Political Technologies. LLC)


"Red Seed Media has added tremendous value to our company by providing structure and innovative ideas in managing all aspects of our online marketing efforts. They have increased our paid search leads while maintaining lower acquisition cost by optimizing, streamlining and expanding distribution of our campaigns. redseedmedia also helps us maximize our other marketing initiatives such as email campaigns and our website by analyzing performance metrics to suggest new objectives and tactics for improving leads and sales. Their smart approach has helped our “underdog” company compete effectively online against many larger competitors on a practical budget.”

- Erin Mayer
Marketing & Sales Manager, FamilyCord (formerly Family Cord Blood Services)



"Red Seed Media has been an integral part for tangle's online marketing efforts. We have trusted Red Seed Media with our Search Engine Marketing managing over 85 Ad Campaigns and over 1,000 Ad Groups which has increased our site traffic by 333%. Red Seed Media is detailed-oriented and knows how to align the marketing and business goals of any company. Their knowledge of SEM is extensive and I highly recommend them to firms looking for a valued partner in all their search engine marketing without reservation."

- Tom Patterson
VP Marketing, Tangle.com (formerly GodTube)
tangle_logo god_tube



"Red Seed Media has taken my AdWords campaign to a whole new level. As a result of their efforts, our client base and call volume have increased dramatically, despite an overall weakened economy. I'd advise anyone with an active AdWords campaign that they are managing themselves that if they think they've gotten everything they can out of AdWords then they should think again and call a real expert in the field like Red Seed Media."

-Dr. Scott M., MD, FACS


"I have now worked with Red Seed Media for a year and can say without hesitation that they are worth every penny.  Their approach to helping me increase my online presence has been professional, personal, and fully committed.  As a plastic surgeon in a busy metropolitan market, I am contacted daily by various businesses claiming to have the ability to “increase patient conversions” or “get you on the first page of Google”.  But the owners of Red Seed Media never approached my practice with such impersonal short-sightedness.  They had a more comprehensive, long-term and durable plan and the results have truly surpassed my expectations.  Red Seed Media is the best of both worlds—they have the ability and know-how of a large company, with the personal attention and availability of a small firm, and I would highly recommend them to any physician interested in growing their practice in a sustainable and professional manner—in short, they are the real deal."

-Dr. Shahram S., MD, FACS


"Since Red Seed Media has taken over my ad word campaign, my call volume and business has nearly doubled over the course of 2 months, as compared to when my campaign was managed by another company. Unlike other SEM companies who overpromise and under deliver, Red Seed Media not only has taken my Google ad word campaign to a new level, but has also helped ensure that my practice has constant visibility on the search engines. While most companies use a generic approach to search engine management, Red Seed Media really took the time to get to know the specific details of my medical practice and kept me very involved in the key word selection process, allowing me to really target the procedures I want to market. Trying to market a cosmetic surgery practice in a competitive market is a very tough endeavor, but with the help of Red Seed Media, this process has been made much easier. I don't think I have ever made a better choice in my marketing strategy."

- Dr. Vishal K., MD, Plastic Surgeon


"As a plastic surgeon working in a very competitive market area both Google and Yahoo pay-per-click (PPC) search engines are an integral part of my marketing my practice. I had done quite a bit of reading on how pay-per-click works and thought that I was doing a good job of managing this endeavor: I was getting leads and Google was bringing me patients.

Nonetheless, since engaging Red Seed Media to manage my pay-per-click effort, my return on investment has gone up at least 100%. I receive ongoing reports that tell me everything I need to know about the ROI of my pay-per-click traffic to my web site. On a personal note, Red Seed Media are extremely easy to work with, responsive to my needs and always helpful.

I can not only recommend them, I now think of them as an essential ingredient to any business who relies on pay-per-click traffic for company revenue. Red Seed Media provides invaluable quality service that in the end saves you pay-per-click dollars and gives you a lot more bang for your buck. If you try them for a period of months you will become a client for life."

- Dr. Mark S., MD, FACP