Social Media Tips

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Here are a few key golden rules to follow in your social media strategy:

Add Value – Social Web success requires that your business becomes an added value, a partner or a resource for those you are trying to connect and influence. The trick is to find what your value to the community is.

Listen & Understand Before Conversing – Social presence is built over time. Listening first is key before you work your way into the conversation and the community. Take time to learn the platform and understand its preferences and tone of the audience, how users and businesses like yours are interacting.

Finding and Befriending Influencers – You want to recruit brand advocates and evangelists that will champion your business and cause. Identify influencers who command attention in the community/industry and befriend them. Consider offering occasional benefits and help them with their goals. When you get attention of influencers and advocates more will follow.

Your Reputation – Establish policies and conduct on how you want others to perceive you. Pass these guidelines onto your staff and whoever is managing your social presence. Be Social – Users go to social sites to have fun and be entertained. Keep it professional, but have a little fun which will help humanize your business and make users feel there’s a genuine connection behind your logo.

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