Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Let us help you find the best ways to gain web visibility and connect with your audience across digital platforms. Our digital marketing services include:

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as paid search, represents one of the most cost-effective online channels for reaching targeted “low-hanging fruit” – those folks who are actively seeking an advertiser’s products or services. While the return on investment can be significant, Search Engine Marketing is increasingly becoming more and more competitive as more and more advertisers are learning how to leverage the power of this channel. More challenging is the fact that larger advertisers with deeper pockets are flocking to it, making the space increasingly crowded and leaving less-advantaged smaller and medium-sized businesses to fight for their share of the market.

Red Seed Media offers a management and optimization program that applies the same strategies, techniques, and principles that larger advertisers with big budgets use. Rather than outbid and outspend the competition, our approach is to simply outsmart them through detailed and granular execution, and smart, strategic thinking. It’s what sets us, and our clients, apart from the rest.

Our Paid Search Campaigns are effective because we apply best practices, a methodical and consistent approach, and continuous optimization to reach our clients’ ideal target goals and metrics, all the while scaling for ever-increasing reach and exposure as well. We also have an eye for details, and in Paid Search, it’s the details that bring our Clients success – helping them to achieve higher conversion rates, higher response rates, lower minimum bids and higher Quality Scores.

Our clients benefit from the following strategies and tactics:

  • Proper Account Structuring
  • Keyword Selection, Expansion and Refinement
  • Copywriting
  • A/B Split-Testing of Copy
  • Landing Page Development and Split-Testing
  • Bid Management
  • ROI Reporting & Analysis

Contact us to find out why and how our SEM Management program is unique.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every business on the internet knows that higher rankings on search engines results pages drive more targeted traffic to a website. Search engine optimization (SEO) of natural or organic search listings is an ongoing but crucial strategy for all businesses who want to improve the quantity and quality of such traffic. Sites should be optimized so that all of its content including text, images, video, and audio is indexed and that exposure across all search engines is maximized. Red Seed Media delivers SEO strategies and services that make your site both search engine and user friendly.

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Social Media Marketing

Successful social media marketing is a blend of art and science – communicating and connecting via online human-to-human interactions that are guided by marketing intelligence and analysis. With the ever-changing landscape of social media – algorithm updates, new features, emerging platforms, running a successful social media program can be daunting. Our social media marketing services include social media management, content development, paid social advertising, social media strategy and audit. If you’re looking to harness the power of social media to connect with and build a loyal following, contact us for a consultation.

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Content Marketing

Reaching, communicating, resonating, building trust and brand loyalty, and ultimately driving profitability with your target audience is all about content marketing. Successful content marketing requires development of ongoing relevant content – a time consuming effort faced by most businesses. Red Seed Media can help with providing you with effective and efficient content marketing solutions – from creating, distributing, managing, repurposing, and optimizing.

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Display Advertising

Mix imagery, color, and messaging along with demographic, geographic, and behavioral targeting for a perfect blend of display advertising to market to your audience. We can help you with all the intricacies and nuances of creating and managing successful display advertising campaign – media planning and buying, budget allocation, site selection, banner and other format design, trafficking, tracking, analysis, and campaign optimization.

Contact us to see how display advertising can deliver results to your business.

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Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is how others will see or perceive you when they find you online. Your digital footprint and what is being said about your business, whether positive or negative, makes up for your brand’s reputation. Online reputation management (ORM) helps you take control and influence the information and the conversations about your business. We can help turn your customers into advocates for you. Speak with us today on how you can utilize customer input such as feedback, reviews, and surveys to boost your online reputation and help increase customer satisfaction.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fundamental online marketing strategy that’s important to every business, whether for customer acquisition or customer retention. With email marketing you can communicate effectively to whom you want, when you want, and how you want. Targeting the right audience segment with the right message at just the right time can be especially effective in customer acquisition or lead generation emails, welcome emails, transactional emails or when you simple want to follow-up with a prospect, close a sale, or keep in touch with loyal customers. Red Seed Media can help with all aspects of email marketing including external email list marketing and internal email marketing such as choosing an email system provider, email program creation, messaging strategies, content development, template creation, and campaign analysis and optimization.

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Website Optimization

Building and launching a website or an online marketing campaign is only the beginning to maximizing your online presence. While marketing campaigns assist with bringing visitors to your website, once visitors hit your site, you’ll want to ensure specific visitor and site usage goals have the greatest chance of being met. The success of your marketing campaigns also includes such website optimization aspects as content personalization, email auto responders and integration with CRM system. Aside from optimizing your website for marketing programs, your business might have updates and new offerings that need to be developed and integrated appropriately.

Website optimization and maintenance is a crucial component to the success of your internet business strategy and ensures that you can optimize leads, sales, transactions, and other online customer activities effectively and most productively.

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