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Social Media Rules

Christine Teng on 17March2011


If you are engaging in social media efforts following a few key golden rules will impact the success of your social media marketing and social web activities:



Add Value – Social Web success requires that your business becomes an added value, a partner or a resource for those you are trying to connect and influence. The trick is to find what your value to the community is.

Listen & Understand Before Conversing – Listening first is key before you work your way into the conversation and the community. Take time to learn the community and understand its preferences and tone. There’s a false pretense that “social” and “viral” go hand-in-hand. Social presence is built over time.

Finding and Befriending Influencers – You want to recruit brand advocates and evangelists that will champion your business and cause. Identify influencers who command attention in the community/industry and befriend them. Consider offering occasional benefits and help them with their goals. When you get attention of influencers and advocates more will follow.

Your Reputation – Establish policies and conduct on how you want others to perceive you. Pass these guidelines onto your staff and whoever is managing your social presence.

Be Social – Users go to social sites to have fun and be entertained. Keep it professional, but have a little fun which will help humanize your business and make users feel there’s a genuine connection behind your logo.

Measurement – Like any online marketing efforts you want to understand what’s working and needs improvement to help you better leverage the social web in helping your business.

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