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Marketing Campaign Management & Optimization

Once a marketing campaign is live it needs to be managed and nurtured for it to succeed and thrive. We manage and nurture marketing programs and campaigns by providing ongoing campaign analysis, site, placement and creative optimization, multivariate & AB testing, and budget and rate revisions, and reallocations – all to improve your campaign’s performance and your company’s return on investment. We utilize best practices and proven methodologies and we couple our optimization strategies with website conversion optimization techniques – an approach that delivers an even more powerful and dramatic boost to your ROI. This is an ongoing cycle of continuous, incremental and aggregated optimization and improvement that no campaign can afford to go without.

We specialize in the set-up and management of various online marketing programs including:

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Improve your marketing performance with a free campaign tune-up. Request your no risk, no charge online marketing assessment today.